Tate’s Hell Restoration – NWFl Water Management District

This was abstracted from the Executive Summary of the 2 volume hydrologic restoration plan of the Northwest Florida Water Management District for Tate’s Hell State Forest.  “Both volumes were developed through a cooperative effort with the Division of Forestry.  The plan fulfills the Division of Forestry objectives outlined in the Ten-Year Management Plan for Tate’s Hell State Forest (DOF 2007, pp. 5 and 14).  (http://www.nwfwmdwetlands.com/index.php?Page=30)

“Areas within Tate’s Hell State Forest were prioritized for restoration based on potential water quality benefits to Apalachicola Bay and surrounding waters, the feasibility of restoration, and the distribution of habits of species of conservation concern.  Approximately 25 listed plant and animal species occur within Tate’s Hell State Forest including the Red-cockaded Woodpecker and Eastern indigo snake.  The highest priority areas for restoration are generally located west of the New Rive and most discharge surface water to the Apalachicola Bay system.”

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