Acquisition and Restoration Council hearing December 12, Tallahassee

The Acquisitions and Restoration Council of the Division of Public Lands, Florida Department of Environmental Policy, will be meeting on Thursday-Friday, December 12 to listen to public input and to make a decision on the Blackwater River State Forest 10 Year Management Plan.

Audubon Florida has requested and was granted that the hearing on that plan be not held before 11 am, in order to accommodate the testifiers from Pensacola – Thursday, December 12.

Majory Stoneman Douglas Building, 3900 Commonwealth Blvd., (I-10 & Capital Circle NW), Tallahassee        Conference Room A (ground floor)

There is a cafeteria in that building for light lunch, hot drinks.  Open 7:30-1:30.

Get the wi-fi passcode from the welcome desk on the ground floor.

The weather will be in the low 60’s and the night before in the low 30’s on Thursday.  Nice sunny day predicted.

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