“God Made A Perfect Environment in Apalachicola for Growing Oysters….”

This was abstracted from a recorded interview of Cheryl Sanders, Tate’s Hell, Franklin County Board of County Commissioners, Chairwoman, on November 11, 2013.

In 1999, myself and Mr. Bevin [Putnal, former long-time Franklin County Commissioner] went to Columbus, Georgia to the Army Corps of Engineers.   Nobody else but me and him.  We head up to Columbus in a Ford Pickup.  It was this time of year [November] and it was getting dark.  This was before GPS.

Getting near Columbus, I told Mr. Bevin, “Watch out for that sign [to the conference center], I gotta watch for the traffic”.  Well, I got in the wrong lane.  He didn’t tell me not to — I got in the middle lane.   The middle lane went across the bridge.

When I crossed over the bridge there was a sign that said “Welcome to the State of Alabama”.

He said, “Cheryl, we’re in Alabama.”

I said, “How’d we get here?”

And he said: “You went across the Bridge.”

We called the convention center and went back over the bridge and got there.   We laughed about it.

They were talking about water footage in Lake Lanier and we were getting that red tide that was ruining the oysters.

Mr. Bevin stood up to talk.

He said:  “The first thing I want to tell you is I’m a County Commissioner and an Oysterman from Franklin County, Florida,  and I want you to know one thing.   In the beginning God made a perfect environment in Apalachicola for growing oysters.  And man has screwed it up.”

1 thought on ““God Made A Perfect Environment in Apalachicola for Growing Oysters….”

  1. Jesse M

    No doubt. The oceans have got it pretty bad in the last one hundred years. As if overfishing wasn’t bad enough, now the ocean has to worry about things like oil, plastic waste, and radiation.


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