School Spring Break – Womack Creek, Tate’s Hell State Forest

First we scheduled the primitive camp from Sunday through Tuesday, the beginning of the school spring break.

Then, there was a 100% chance of rain on Sunday.  It actually rained 6 inches on Sunday in Carrabelle.  We’re glad we postponed the trip —  Monday through Wednesday.

Then there was a 90% chance of rain on Monday,  especially Monday night.  We scheduled the camp for Tuesday to Wednesday.  It rained 1 inch in Carrabelle on Monday.

Tuesday, the sun came out and we started out on an overnight primitive camp at Nick’s Road Primitive Camp Site in Tate’s Hell.

But first we went to the confluence of Womack Creek to the Ochlockonee River to see how fast the river was running.   It was moving very fast, but we checked with all paddlers and all decided it was a go.

Then we kept our fingers crossed that the road to Nick’s Road Camp site was not flooded.  It wasn’t — a bit of water we had to cross, but passable.   We were finally going to have a camp/paddle!

We decided to paddle first and let the ground dry out.   When we returned we planned to set up camp.


First, a GPS lesson.

Off we went:  1 canoe, 1 tandem sit on top, 1 stand up paddle board and 2 sit inside kayaks — a motley flotilla down a flooded Womack Creek.   Destination:  Womack Creek Campground landing.


Then, the young paddlers wanted to switch boats.


Stand Up Paddler to Canoe.P1070480

But not until canoe paddler transferred to SUP.


And former SUP transfers places with paddler in Sit on Top.


It’s not quite a simultaneous process.


Finally all happy in their places and back down the river we go.


Two sit inside kayaks, one sit-on-top kayak, one stand up paddle board, and one canoe — all accounted for.


Enroute, another transfer ensued — lie down paddling.


And what are mothers for, but being there in need….


Day two:  the river was already high, but overnight it got higher.

P1070550While everyone was asleep.


But hey, the paddleboard didn’t go down the river, the water didn’t get up to the tents or the table.   Let’s go paddling before breakfast.

P1070568And work on our strokes.


And after breakfast, take a break from paddling, and play some cards.


More paddling and exploring upriver.  Finding a constrictor, no, a water moccasin, no a water snake stretched out on a limb upriver — lots of waters means more areas to explore.

Then finally packing to leave — .

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