Memorial Day Sunday on Womack Creek, Tate’s Hell State Forest

While big brother was lounging on a log, his littler siblings just born this year were curiously exploring the watery environment, some dangerously curious.















One yearling, curiousity over caution, surfaced to check the third kayak to see what manner of creature it was.

For the first time since we’ve been paddling Womack Creek  (2011), we saw these egg cases, what we believe are apple snail cases.  The first photo shows a spider on one of the alder branches — do spiders eat the eggs or the young as they hatch?



















Going up the creek, the largest barred owl we have ever seen was perched on a branch, looking down.   Returning, it was still there, but this time its mate, a bit smaller, was in the trees across the creek.

25-P1080921Still blooming: swamp roses, sweet bay, swamp bay (persea), clematis crispa and green fly orchids.


Sweet Bay


Swamp Bay (persea)







Green Fly orchid









In a week the whole creek will be abloom with swamp titi and arrowwood.


Swamp titi










And on the way to the blackberries, now ripening, narrow leaf primrose stands.



Summer is here on Womack Creek.


(One warning:  yellow flies are out at the landings and on the upper third of the creek which is narrow.  I think a bit of baking soda and water will prevent the bites from welting (a old fashioned remedy for bee stings) — bring a snak bag of baking soda just in case.

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