How about them li’l raccoons?


Mother raccoon and her two kits were foraging in the mud, probably for crayfish or other small creatures.  Normally nocturnal feeders, they took advantage of unusually low water levels to feast on what lay below the mud.

Paddling upstream on January 13, Saturday, 2018 with temperatures at 37F and winds measured on our portable aeronometer at 10mph (windchill of 27), we saw  little stirring except the birds in the bush and overhead.  One large alligator took advantage of the sunny day to get a few hours of warmth.

These raccoons had the river bank to themselves.

3 thoughts on “How about them li’l raccoons?

  1. Marni Berendsen

    I am a volunteer at Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek, California. For more about the organization:

    Your photo of raccoons foraging at the water’s edge is perfect for a program we are doing for kindergartners:

    We’d like to use this photo for our program. It would be printed and laminated, shown to primarily to kinders but could also be shown to other elementary school students and other visitors of Lindsay Wildlife. We have been looking specifically for examples showing raccoons foraging with their paws in water and finding food that way.

    If you permit this use, what would be your requirements for its use?

    Thank you for your consideration.

    1. marylynanded Post author

      You may use any of our photos for any educational use, but not for profit. Sorry to be tardy in reply; we’re away during the summer months and planned to arrive home the day after Hurricane Michael hit us, which meant we stayed away till electricity and communication services were restores (over 11 days later).

      Are you familiar with, a citizen-science project which involves experts and citizen observers. It’s free and most of the photos on that site are accessible to others — check with administrators. You may be able to find good resources there.

      We have been trying to get children 0 -4 through Whole Child Leon to get nature exposure as early as they can and are planning several bio-blitzes using to children and families in Leon County, FL. (Tallahassee.) Check the web site This may be a very good activity for children using either smart phones or point and shoot cameras.

      1. Marni Berendsen

        Thank you for your generosity in allowing use of your photo. Yes, I’m aware of iNaturalist and have used it in the past.

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