What’s bloomed and what’s budding – Womack Creek 3-21-2018

Certain blooms have short duration of blooms — take parsley haw.  We saw them all over the creek, just starting to bloom — more buds than fully opened blooms.  Eighteen days later, not a single bloom was seen.   We had missed the peak blooming period for this short tree.

Normally swamp jessamine have a longer duration of bloom — the vines take these blooms high up and wherever there is a spot of sun.  They were blooming when we last visited the creek — none to be seen.

And blueberry blooms, early bloomer along with the Walter’s viburnum — both are going to seed.

This is just the beginning of spring blooming season and expect to see poison ivy, swamp sweetbells, Virginia sweetspire, swamp dogwood, spatterdock.  In the trees, in the water, and on high bushes and low — many levels of blooms can be expected soon.’

And after these, more to come.

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