Did you know that ogeche tupelo trees are either male or female?


One will bear fruit, the other will not.

The ogeche tupelo is one of the last blooming trees on Womack creek.  By the end of April, the buzz of honey bees will be heard around the trees.

Apiary owners station their bee hives in certain locations throughout Tate’s Hell State Forest.  One such station is on Jeff Sanders Road east of county road 67 near the Womack Creek Campground.

Low voltage wires are strung around the clutch of hives to deter black bears.  Bears lead by their noses (their sense of smell is exceedingly keen) and one experience with electrical shock is sufficient to keep them away.

Only April 11, 2018 on Womack Creek,  we saw only 1 honeybee and it was on a Virginia sweetspire flower.

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