CS 51 – Dry Bridge Campsite, Tate’s Hell State Forest

Campsite 51 can be reserved through Reserve America; look underTate’s Hell State Forest High Bluff Primitive Campsites. When you get to your campsite, check your cell coverage. If you call 911 give them 1351 Dry Bridge Road, Tate’s Hell State Forest as your address, GPS 29.84321,-84.87516. First responders do not know how to reach you if you give them a campsite number. Reserve America’s confirmation letter will not include this information.

When you get to your campsite, check your cell coverage. Find the closest spot where such coverage is available.

A long entry road to the campsite, the better to give you a wilderness experience, away from the main forestry roads, which, even they, are not much traveled.

A large site and this one with kindling (and in a corner of the site firewood). Don’t count on it, however. Buy yours in Carrabelle or scrounge the woods.

As a paddler, I always look for easy access to and from water, since Tate’s Hell offers paddlers a wide array of paddling opportunities. A paddler designed this site — it has great access to Whiskey George Creek.

The creek is navigable, depending on tide and water level, for about 1.7 miles upstream. Downriver after 2 miles of paddling, Whiskey George Creek ends in the Apalachicola Wildlife Management Area (FWC) and the estuaries which empties into East Bay and eventually the Gulf. The put-in of grass on mud proved to be very slippery when we tried a paddle from this site. Gravel may prevent slipping and falls.

A bench for the person tasked to get the evening meal.

Here’s the view for that fisherwoman looking up river.

And the view downriver as she is hauling in the fish.

Could you ask for anything more?

The photos on this entry were taken when the tide was outgoing. The water levels will vary.

If you camp(ed) here, please add your comment in the box provided at the end of this post.

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