CS 52 – Doyle Creek Campsite, Tate’s Hell State Forest

Campsite 52 can be reserved at Reserve America. Look under Tate’s Hell State Forest Deep Creek Primitive Campsites. When you get to your campsite, check the closest point for cell coverage. If you call 911 give them 1920 Doyle Creek Road as your address. First responders will not know how to get you by a campsite number. Reserve America does not include this information on your confirmation.

When you get to your campsite, check cell coverage and where the closest coverage is to your campsite.

Like many Tate’s Hell SF campsites, this has a long entry road, which ensures privacy.

It a high and dry campsite on Doyle Creek.

Better access to the creek than some, but this is muck, not sand. Having lost my left paddling shoe in the muck at the landing at St. Marks, I’m not a fan of muck. You can mat the reeds to let the first paddler out or in, but even a sturdy summer growth won’t take too many paddlers going in and out. But this was at low water, so there is more hope here than some other creek-side sites on the western side of Tate’s Hell.

Here’s option 2 — of mix of sand and muck. You chose.

But it’s a large, dry and beautiful site, right on Doyle Creek.

At the end of the day or the beginning, this is what you’ll see upriver.

And this is what you’ll see, downriver.

Dawn and Dusk would be beautiful here…with a little fire in the pit to chase away the mosquitoes.

The photos on this entry were taken when the tide was out; water levels will vary on the creek.

If you camp(ed) here, please add your comment in the box provided at the end of this post.

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