CS 23 – Log Cabin campground, Tate’s Hell State Forest

You can reserve campsite 23, Log Cabin campground at Reserve America, Tate’s Hell State Forest, Womack Creek section. When you get to your campsite, locate the best spot for cell connection. If you call 911 give 33744 Log Cabin Road, Tate’s Hell State Forest, GPS 30.03274, -84.59584 . First Responders will not know how to find you by campsite. .

This campground of 4 RV/ten sites is situated on the eastern border of Tate’s Hell State Forest on the western banks of the Ochlockonee River which runs from Georgia through Florida to the Gulf of Mexico. The forest and plants in this campground are different from the rest of Tate’s Hell SF which is either in upland pine and palmetto or on estuary and estuary swamps.

When the trees are fully leafed you will have a canopy of oaks, magnolias, bays, gums, some pines, red maple, gall berry, palmetto, and high bush blueberries. Occasionally you may see the pink pinxster wild azaleas in late March and early April. Both purple and white violets are common in spring as are bluetts, and St. John’s wort, when the blueberries are blooming.

This site is a favorite take-out or lunch site for paddlers who are going downriver. This would make a good overnight stop for paddlers doing multi-day trips if they choose not to camp at the Womack Creek Campground further downstream which has 12 sites and until closed for safety reasons (the banks of the river are about 1 foot away from a corner foundation), a rest house with hot showers and flush toilets. This site is primitive, which means there is no toilet facilities or water. There are however 2 tables, 2 fire pits, and 1 stand-up grill.

It is a large site, open in the winter, shaded by oak trees in the summer.

The landing is large and suitable for all types of boats and putting in and taking out is on a sandy, some gravel soil.

The view from the campsite downriver and then upriver are shown below.

While the least private of the 4 campsites in this campground because all occupants of campsites 24-26 must pass through here, this provides the best boat landing area. Since landing areas are not for the exclusive use of campsite occupants, you may find paddlers using the landing to launch or to take-out, including from the other sites in this campground. Your site and the amenities on it, however, are yours to use exclusively. Paddlers have only right of passage or temporary take-out/put-in. Any cars parked by them shoudl be parked along the entry road, not in your campsite.

The four camp sites of this campground would make for an excellent group camping, although campsite 23 is not as closely situated as the other three sites.

Log Cabin campground can be reached by turning east on CR 67 on Short Road a sandy forestry road. Drive for .9 miles and turn on Log Cabin road and drive for another .9 miles to get to campsite 23. The distance between the beginning of Log Cabin road and campsite 26, the furtherest of the campsites is 2.2 miles.

If you camp(ed) here, please provide your comment in the box provided at the end of this post.

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