CS 27 Nick’s Road Campsite, Tate’s Hell State Forest

You can reserve CS 27, Nick’s Road Campsite on Reserve America, Tate’s Hell State Forest, Womack Creek section. When you arrive at your campsite, locate the closest point for cell coverage. If you need to call 911, the address you should give is 41379 SE, State Forest Nick’s Road in Liberty County, GPS 30.01449, -984.57739. Reserve America will not include this important information in your confirmation notice.

To get to Womack Creek Campground, Nick’s Road Campsite is 3.75 miles by paddle. By driving it is longer — about 5 miles.

We paddle Womack creek up and back from the Womack Creek Campground landing at least once a month and Nick’s is where we take out for lunch. It’s a muddy take-out, or, if the water really is low we stay in our kayaks. There is a sharp drop, but only when the water is really low. Otherwise it’s getting out in muck. It’s a lovely campsite and a great place for a private lunch.

Several years ago we camped here with two mothers and four children. The water was very high in early March and the landing was grass rather than muck. Three tents housed the party and while the adults snoozed in the next morning, the four kids explored upper Womack creek in the kayaks, having a great time in the early morning. This is a great site for families because the creeks offer so much for children to discover and enjoy.

This campsite can accommodate many more than 3 tents: we had two large tents and one small 2 person backpacking tent. This is a big site.

The landing (below) is mucky, but sloped. At very low tide, there is a sharp drop.

This is the view of Womack Creek downriver from this site and below that upriver. Upriver is where the kids explored in the early morning.

There’s a hawk which nests in this area and at dusk and night one can hear a pair of barred owls. Up the creek we have seen otters. In the spring from March through May, the creek is abloom. To see what’s up on Womack Creek see https://womackcreek.wordpress.com A Paddler’s Guide To the Flowering Plants of Womack Creek.

If you camp (ed) here, please post your comments in the box provided at the end of this post.

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