CS 45 Crooked River Tate’s Hell State Forest

Reserve this site at Reserve America, Tate’s Hell State Forest, Crooked River section. If you call 911 give 1000 Crooked River Camp #45 Rd., Tate’s Hell State Forest, as your address, GPS 29.91136, -84.58628. First responders will not be able to find you if you use the CS number in Tate’s Hell State Forest. Reserve America will not include this information in your confirmation.

When you get to your site, check your cell phone connection or find the closest point where you can get a connection.

This site is on the south side of the Crooked River with a long entry.

Right on the river, it is a large lot.

There is no landing, but canoes and kayaks can be launched from the river’s edge.

To view of the river facing east and west are shown below respectively.

If you camp here, please post your comments about this site in the box provided at the end of this post.

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