CS 48, Warren Bluff Road Campsite, Tate’s Hell State Forest Camping

Reserve this campsite on Reserve America, Tate’s Hell State Forest, Picketts Bay section. When you get to your campsite, check for the closest point to your site to get cell coverage. If you call 911, give 1310 Warren Bluff Camp Road, Tate’s Hell State Forest, as your address, GPS 29.87356, -84.69641. First responders will not be able to find you by just your campsite number. Reserve America will not include this address in your confirmation.

As in many Tate’s Hell campsites, the road to your campsite can be a long and windy (and private) road.

Upland pine forests leading to estuaries — you get two habitats.

Remains of timber plantation drainage ditches remain, draining into Crooked River.

The campsite itself is large — like other Tate’s Hell sites you can configure to your party and your needs.

For paddlers, access to Crooked River is easy.

This was taken at low tide.

The view is spectacular — wide open spaces.

Below view to your right and below that to your left.

At low tide, there is a swath of sandy beach.

False rosemary blooming in late February, rather early this year.

If you camp(ed) here, please comment in the box provided at the end of this post.

2 thoughts on “CS 48, Warren Bluff Road Campsite, Tate’s Hell State Forest Camping

  1. koelker12

    Stayed here this past weekend. Pretty and secluded, though a couple houses are visible a ways off across the river. Great view and a great breeze. Getting in was a bit bumpy, with lots of muddy potholes. Didn’t need 4WD but would definitely recommend high clearance, and coming in from the south via River Rd (379) to Mill Rd, then crossing the small bridge at Burnt Bridge Rd, and finally a right on Warren Bluff Rd. The state forest website will say to come in off Gully Branch, but it’s a much longer route, and if the road is in similar condition you want the shorter way.

    Really the only negative is that the site appears to be a drinking spot for locals, because we had someone come up both days looking for a place to hang out. Once at 11:30 PM our first night, (they turned around and went elsewhere when they saw us), and the again the following day apparently while we were gone, because we came back to find a couple beer bottles at our firepit that were not ours or there before. They didn’t take anything, but it felt bizarre to have someone just loitering about our campsite while we were gone.

    I’d go back again, but probably not by myself. And not after a heavy rain.

    1. marylynanded Post author

      Glad you enjoyed. When we were surveying all the spots, we had problems on that Warren Bluff Road also. Lots of pot-holes and after rain they can get deep.


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