CS#6, Borrow Pit Campsite, Tate’s Hell State Forest

Reserve this campsite at Reserve America, Tate’s Hell State Forest, New River section. When you get to the site, check for the best place to receive and send cell-phone calls. If you call 911 use 1850 River Road, Tate’s Hell State Forest as your address, GPS 29.91707, -84.73446. First responders will not be able to find you with just a campsite designation. Reserve America will not include this address in your confirmation.

There are two campsites at Borrow Pond Campground, CS 6 and CS 7. We were unable to find CS 7 also on River Road, but will report on it when we can.

At CS 6, the sandy road (hard packed enough for a bike) surrounds the pond. There may be local folks fishing here — the pond has fish.

This is the view of the larger pond from the campsite.

Borrow Point CS 6 would be a great camping area for active children who also like wide spaces to run around. The pond itself is easy to access with canoes or kayaks or SUPs. We’ve never been there in early morning or dusk, but we suspect that there would be lots of wildlife and aquatic activity then.

The oak tree over the two picnic tables provides the only daytime shade, although surrounding trees will provide some shade depending on the angle of the sun.

The campsite was a mess when we saw it — there was a old TV set in the firepit. More than likely it will be cleaned up, but it does not make for a good photo.

It’s easy to get into the pond by boat.

A walk around the pond along the sand road is perhaps 1/2 miles.

River Road is nearby so you are not as isolated here, although traffic in Tate’s Hell State Forest is sparse.

When we visited this site the red maples, Walter’s viburnum and the dew berries (like small blackberries, though ripening early) were in bloom.

If you camp(ed) here, please comment in the box below at the end of the post.

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