CS #14, New River, Tate’s Hell State Forest

You can reserve this site at Reserve America, CS 14, New River, Tate’s Hell State Forest, Juniper Creek section. When you get to your site, find the closest place to get a cell signal. If you call 911, the address you should give is 3080 New River Campsite #14 Road, Tate’s Hell state Forest, GPS 29.98293–84.73386. First responders will not be able to find you if you only give the camp site number. Reserve America will not have this information on your confirmation.

A long entry to the campsite leading to a level, dry site.

The lower section at low water can be used as a recreation area, but when the water is higher, will be wet. This was taken when the river was very low, particularly for February.

There is another section which is flat and dry enough to accommodate other tents or parking.

One should be able to access the river with a canoe or kayak easily in most conditions.

When taken the river was so low this option would be risky — there was a drop to the water from the edge.

Low water levels offer other possibilities.

The view from this site is beautiful: upriver view and below that downriver view.

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