CS#2 – North Road, Tate’s Hell State Forest

Reserve this site at Reserve America, North Road Camp, Tate’s Hell State Forest, New River section. When you arrive at your campsite, find the location with cell connection. If you call 911, use this address: 41124 S.E. North Road, Tate’s Hell State Forest, GPS 30.01801,-84.80777. First responders will not be able to find you if you give only a campsite number. Reserve American does not include this information on your confirmation.

This campsite is at the end of North Road. The only traffic you’ll see may be the occasional person hiking through to get to the New River. Almost all of the time you’ll have not just the campsite but the whole road of about 200 yards to a junction of two creeks to yourself. This site is not on the New River, but you could hike to it by following the path along the creek.

The road extends for another 200 yards and ends at the junction of two creeks.

There is a walking path which leads to the New River.

If you camp here, please comment on your experience.

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