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New River on St. Valentine’s Day – 2018



Rock Landing road crosses SR 67.  On the west, it’s a straight drive to East River drive, which intersects to the south and then jogs to continue about 100 yards further west down Rock Landing road.

Camp site 17, a nice site for paddlers because it has an easy take-out and put-in, and large flat camping area, is about 3 campsites north when Rock Landing road ends and East River road north takes over.

A month ago, the river was very low.  With over 2 inches of rain last week, the New River looked much more promising for paddling upriver from campsite 17.


Tate’s Hell State Forest Camping Reservations

See How to Find Tate’s Hell SF Campsites on Reserve America posted on 12 February 2019 to help you find the right campsite when on the Reserve America site.  We had to figure this out because it was impossible to find the right campsite on Reserve America.  Search by “How to find”.

Tate’s Hell State Forest Campsites can be reserved through Reserve America.   However, not all information is in one place.  Recommend first that you access the Tate’s Hell State Forest map and locate the campsite you wish before you access the reservation site.  See

Then call, Bin Wan, at 850 681-5963 (Talquin District State Forest) or e-mail  for information on how that campsite is listed on Reserve America site before you access the reservation site.   Certain sites are not available during hunting season and you may not want to be near these sites if you are not a hunter.  Womack Creek Campground is in a no-hunting area with 12 sites, 3 with electricity and set up for RV’s.

The fee is still $10 plus less than $4 for the Reserve America fee.