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Eglin Air Force Base GRASI document available


Just posted on the Federal register:   http://www.//http.grasieis.leidoseemg.com

Hearings on this document which describes how the military plans to use these two state forests for military maneuvers and communications overlay over the forests:

June 3, Tuesday, Carrabelle City Hall 6:00PM

June 4, Wednesday, Apalachicola, Franklin County Commission, Main Court Room, 6:00 PM

June 5, Thursday, Santa Rosa Bagdad Recreation Facility, 6:00 PM.

All comments must be received by June 23.  See document for above for form and comment instructions.

For more information see: http://www.//http:letterstograsi-flofficials.com.



Eglin AFB Operations Plan for Military Training on Blackwater River State Forest and Tate’s Hell State Forest

I have excerpted the Annual Operations Plan (and agreement between Eglin AFB and the Florida Department of Agriculture) in the sister blog http://www.letterstograsi-flofficials.com.  It is too long for me to retype it here.

You can also view the 14 page plan at http://www.pnj.com/interactive/article/99999999/NEWS12/131017014/Timeline-Eglin-s-proposed-military-training-Blackwater-River-State-Forest?nclick_check=1

Operational Plan for Eglin AFB in Tate’s Hell and Blackwater River State Forests

See:   http://www.pnj.com/interactive/article/99999999/NEWS12/131017014/Timeline-Eglin-s-proposed-military-training-Blackwater-River-State-Forest?nclick_check=1

Panel 4,  when clicked, will give you the operational plan.

Acquisitions and Restoration Council Hearing – December 12

The Acquisitions and Restoration Council (ARC), Division of Public Lands, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), is tasked with approving all management plans on lands acquired under various restoration and conservation purchases.    They will be meeting to consider the Blackwater River State Forest 10 Year Resource Management Plan on December 12-13, 2013.   On December 12, the public will be allowed to speak on the sections of the 10 year management plan which concerns them.  The management plan can be viewed at:


When:  December 12, 2013    9:00AM-

Where:  Marjory Stoneman Douglas Bldg, (DEP), 3900 Commonwealth Blvd., Conf Rm A, (I-10 and Capital Circle NW).

Concerned citizens are urged to attend, not only to speak, but, if not, to support the speakers.

The following are instructions printed by ARC for presentations:

“MSD [Marjory Stoneman Douglas building] is equipped with computer electronia that accommodate Power Point presentations, carousel slide projection, VCR and DVD projection, and a document reader (similar to an overhead projector) able to project photographs, maps, transparencies and other documents up to 14 x 17 inches.   Smaller maps and documents that fit on the document reader are preferred over poster-size maps and documents.

“Power Point presentations should be on CD or a USB drive in a ‘pps’ Power Poit Show format.

“Room lighting (darkening) is fair — low contrast photographs, maps and documents may not show as well, so you may need to supplement your presentation with paper handouts.

“The room is equipped with microphones, and all meetings/hearings are recorded.  Please speak into the microphones for proper recording of your testimony and so the Council members and audience can hear.

“Speakers are generally limited to 5-10 minutes each and may be questioned by the Council.   For large groups, please coordinate speakers and avoid duplicating information presented.   Depending on the number of speakers and available time, speakers may be asked to shorten presentations to 3 minutes or less — be prepared.”

Relative acres Eglin AFB and Florida’s 3 largest state forests

Eglin Air Force Base                               464,000 acres

Florida’s three largest  state forests:

  •    Blackwater River State Forest      210,000 acres
  •    Tate’s Hell State Fore                    202,000 acres
  •    Withlacoochee State Fore           157,000 acres