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Eglin AFB Operations Plan for Military Training on Blackwater River State Forest and Tate’s Hell State Forest

I have excerpted the Annual Operations Plan (and agreement between Eglin AFB and the Florida Department of Agriculture) in the sister blog http://www.letterstograsi-flofficials.com.  It is too long for me to retype it here.

You can also view the 14 page plan at http://www.pnj.com/interactive/article/99999999/NEWS12/131017014/Timeline-Eglin-s-proposed-military-training-Blackwater-River-State-Forest?nclick_check=1

Operational Plan for Eglin AFB in Tate’s Hell and Blackwater River State Forests

See:   http://www.pnj.com/interactive/article/99999999/NEWS12/131017014/Timeline-Eglin-s-proposed-military-training-Blackwater-River-State-Forest?nclick_check=1

Panel 4,  when clicked, will give you the operational plan.

Blackwater Forest – oldest recorded trail in Florida by Bob Hurst

Blackwater River State Forest holds a portion of the oldest recorded and perhaps longest used historic roads in Florida.   The Spanish Trail linked St. Augustine with Pensacola.  The segment through Blackwater was known in the 1700’s as the Lower Creek Trading Path.  In the 1800’s, after General Andrew Jackson’s march on Pensacola in 1818, it became known as the Jackson Trail.  The Florida Trail Association has built a hiking trail along this road and it is still called “The Jackson Trail.”