CS #12 – New River, Tate’s Hell State Forest

You can reserve this site at Reserve America, CS #12, New River, Tate’s Hell State Forest, Juniper Creek section. When you get to your campsite, find the closest cell signal location. If you call 911, use 2800 New River Campsite #12 Road, Tate’s Hell State Forest, GPS 29.96333, -84.72355. First responders will not be able to locate you with just a campsite number. Reserve America does not have this information on your confirmation.

Privacy is promised by the long entry.

This site is not on the river, but it is damper than the other sites on the New River. It seems that the site itself is a bit lower than the entry road bed. With surrounding ditches and deeply canopied, the site cannot dry out as well.

Exposed roots limit flat tent areas.

Ditches surround this site.

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