CS 18 – Boundary Road Campsite in Tate’s Hell State Forest

Reserve this site with Reserve America, Campsite 16, Tate’s Hell State Forest, Juniper Creek section. When you get to your site, check best location for cell phone reception. If you call 911 give 3400 New River Campsite #16 Road, Tate’s Hell State Forest, GPS 29.99379, -84.74567. First responders will not be able to locate you by your campsite number only. Reserve America does not include this information in your confirmation.

The easiest way to get to this campsite is to access Boundary Road from CS 67 and drive west for about 10 miles. Boundary road ends in Campsite 18. It has a long entry road.

It is a large grassy site.

Adjacent to the entry road are drainage ditches.

The low spot below is behind the campsite.

This is a site where a portable toilet (with biodegradable, disposable bags) may be more suitable than trying to find a space 200 feet from water (which eventually drains into one of the creeks).

Although it seems to be on New River on the forestry map, this site is not located on the river.

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